During the current Covid-19 situation, we decided last minute to spend some days in Italy. We are a family of four with two kids aged 7 and 10. As it was already autumn we were looking for a house with some facilities for the kids, e.g. covered pool (with the possibility to heat it up), hot tub etc. And, we found the Villa La Massa dei Mori – by the way, I never asked Daniele why it is called like that. When we arrived it was still a bit raining, and if you looked around the house there were only trees and with the rain and the fog it looked like being in the middle of a rainforest. The house was exactly like it is shown in the different pictures. It is a little jewel in the middle of nowhere. We loved the nature surroundings, the silence, the peace, the privacy. Nevertheless, some really nice little villages are nearby such as Poppi, Stia, Bibbiena (approx. 10-20 min. by car) and even Arrezzo you can reach within a one hour drive. And, if you like hiking then this is the perfect place to explore the “rainforest”. We did some really nice hikes and started directly at the house. There are also nice hiking and bike trails around Poppi and Bibienna. The house itself is wonderful and quite big with four terraces, three lovely bedrooms (each bedroom in another color) and ensuite bathrooms, a well-equipped kitchen with very nice colored Tuscan dishes including a dining table and a living room, and a second huge living and dining room (which we actually never used). One evening we were guests in our “own” rented house, and Daniele and Tania prepared a yummy dinner with starter, first, main, and dessert for us, and even served us. Thanks again for this lovely evening. Daniele is the host of the house, and he is great, very professional, flexible and always there for his guests. Thanks also to the rest of the family: Tania, little Gioia, Daniela and Marco. All in all, we had wonderful days in a lovely house in the Tuscan “rainforest”, and due to the great weather on our last day, we decided to prolong and skip our departure to the next days, which luckily was possible. Ancora una volta: Mille grazie per tutto, Daniele, e salutaci tutta la familia 😊� Tanja, Olli, Emilia, Luca

Ankunftsdatum – 28. September 2020