1) Breathe
Turn around and breathe the air of the Apennines hills, the green woods around LaMassa, the natural amphitheatre of Vertelli –

Peaceful stay in paradise

2) Relax
Discover the outdoor spaces of the villa, the many terraces and pergolas, the deckchairs and armchairs in the sun by the pool or in the shade of the decking – find your favorite corners for reading inside the typical Tuscan house, to find yourself enjoying the company of others, listening to music, watching TV or just chatting.


3) Re-discover
Prepare a drink or a snack with cheese and ham from our welcome basket – invite others to the discover the conviviality and joy of a snack in the open air – rekindle the love of being being with families and friends, laughing together while sharing a good glass of wine.

4) Research
Search among the many DVDs offered and our bookshelves for something that you can enjoy alone or in company – search out a board games which your group may enjoy for cool summer evenings and those wonderful hours when dinner is finished – look for a corner of the garden among the many terraces, find a place to read and reflect, meditate and enjoy your own company.

5) Reset
Disconnect from the rest of the world, from your work, from the obligations of normal days: you are on holiday in Tuscany, you have around you a land full of everything you want to know, discover and visit or simply stay and bask in the Tuscan home that will be yours, a comfortable nest you have chosen for yourself in the Casentino Valley – a very special and magical part of Tuscany.