Staying with us should always mean dining at LaMassa.  Relaxing, interesting and plenty of great food and wine.

For many people, good food and wine is a central feature of their stay in Tuscany, the fresh ingredients, the wineries, the local Olive Oil.

Because we are right in the middle of wonderful food supplies and so nothing better than sourcing the very best for you.      Dining at LaMassa means a special dinner  with great food and wine on our wonderful  Terrace.

Dining at La Massa can be  for two up to six people.  We charge a very reasonable figure per person which is generally around 30€ .

So a meal of several courses with our  LaMassa great food and wine should be a must during your stay with us.   Therefore the experience  typically  includes the following:

Prior to meal we always discuss particular likes and dislikes of the party but the final menu will tend to depend on the following:

  • What is in season – we see that it is essential to buy and serve food which is in season
  • According to shopping – we always look for the best quality ingredients.

We would love to prepare dinner for you – this is always a very popular event.  Think about a blue night sky, fireflies  around, carefully selected wines,  soft music on the background, discreet service,  slow time.      Another highlight :  NO DRINK-AND-DRIVE PROBLEM !!!