Casentino valley is a bikers paradise.

Of course being ecologist we do prefer push-bike or e-bike but motorbikes invade the valley every week-end reaching the many passes that are up above the Appennino mountains around us.

Natural biker should not be disappointed because below the 1000 meters on the sea level passes there are beautiful hills full of little castled-villages and hamlets.

A new

The Arno cycle path

After the approval of the Tuscany Region in October 2012, we are getting there and soon from Stia you will be able to reach Ponte Buriano following the famous historicalItalian river.

A definitive graphic itinerary is not yet available, and the GPS track that we present here has been created by us: it should, therefore, be taken only as a general reference point.

The route of the Arno river is however naturally well defined, and the attached graphics are in any case valid.

As always when following a river towards its mouth, the Arno cycle path is completely downhill. It is therefore also suitable for beginners, or families with children.

Starting from Casentino Valley you’ll ride your bike through the provinces of Arezzo, Florence and Pisa, crossing territories of great historical, artistic and naturalistic value.

Download GPS tracehere

Download Map RAR here

We can provide our guests with e-bikes for being independent or booking for them a guided tour with one of our expert guides who can show them around this beautiful and historical valley.