How can we perceive what surrounds us at night?

Just trust your guide who will teach you how to live at night like cats do.
You will listen to the noises and smells and the stars will help you to perceive everything well in the dark.
If we are lucky there will be the moon to help us or the fireflies of early summer.

You will experience the countryside of Eastern Tuscany with a professional guide expert in Botany and Agriculture.
We will leave at sunset wearing shoes and clothes suitable for trekking, in the backpack, water and flashlight – a cushion or a plaid to sit on and your personal packed dinner.

Your guide can prepare for you a “packed dinner” with typical Tuscan products: with an extra € 5 you will have: 2 sandwiches 1 fruit a natural hot organic herbal tea to fill your water bottle or alternatively “Acquarello Toscano” typical of peasant people : water flavored with red wine.

Cost of activating the experience € 70 for up to 5 participants – € 10 for each additional person.


With seasonal scents and smells, an engaging experience in the Casentino nature.

Trees to hug, flowers to smell, small wild fruits to taste in an open and panoramic area – you will be enveloped by the first sounds of the evening, then toasting under the stars.

When you want you can go back to the starting point on your own, with an easy and romantic walk.

Cost of the experience € 70 per couple: transfer, guide and dinner-picnic with toast.


Our young alpacas Guglielmo, Bing and Levante will walk with you in this TUSCANY valley.

They will make you discover the many secrets of the camelids and their habits – they go at a slow pace – Alpacas do not ride.

Minimum activation experience € 50 up to 2 adults, over 2 participants € 25 for each adult, € 15 for each child up to 12 years.
We prefer to combine a family-group with each of the Alpacas.

To avoid the heat for the Alpacas, activities will take place in the early morning or late afternoon in Summer.
In winter, every hour is good because Alpacas don’t fear the cold.
You will have the opportunity to combine the experience with lunch or dinner at a cost of 25 euros per person for a menu with seasonal organic products from our farm.