A Cooking  class of Tuscan recipes at Villa LaMassa is enjoyable with Beppy.

Mum Beppina comes to Vertelli for sharing her skills of an 80yo Italian lady that   prepares Tuscan recipes every Sunday.

She cooks home made pasta for delicious tagliatelle or tasty ravioli.

Mum Beppy making pasta at villa Dei Mori La Massa  cooking class

Therefore if you would like Beppy can show you how to make gnocchi with our  fantastic red-Ceticapotatoes.

We will serve all pasta with fantastic sauces and the meal will be finishing with a perfect Pannacotta .

Most importantly you will prepare the Tuscan recipes at villa La Massa  in a relaxed-atmosphere with Lots Of Laughs and good  wines.

So please ask for our cooking-class and  Beppy will guide  you  to prepare your  meal.    Therefore hand-made pasta, panzanella and a nice dessert will be ready.   A whole Tuscan meal for  your party.


Pavlova La Massa Ingredients: 4 large or 5 regular egg whites at room temperature – not straight out of fridge – there must be NO trace of yolk. Tiniest pinch of salt 225 grams of castor sugar – I …

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Pears and Pecorino cheese     –    goat-cheese and figs  –  Parmisan or GranaPadano


Peposo is the signature stew of Impruneta, a town south of Florence renowned for its terracotta. Indeed, it was made by the tile-workers, who would slip a stew pot into the kiln as it slowly cooled after the firing, …

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For years, people who have stayed at both DeiMori in Florence and at La Massa in Tuscany have enjoyed one of Danny’s Carbonara . These pasta suppers have often been impromptu affairs, done on the spur of the moment …

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There are many appetizers unique to Tuscany that are often presented on a platter in mixed, colorful form that Tuscans refer to as Antipasto Misto.  The individual Tuscan appetizers, many of which are shown in my blog photos, include: …

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You would have loved to come with us for shopping to the local market, we would like very much to introduce you to the locals and you to meet our local vendors.