These are the restaurants we regularly use and we recommend them because we feel that
they offer good value for money. They are not in any particular order:

Vecchi Telai – A welcoming modern place and above all an exquisite typical Tuscan cuisine;
this is what we offer to amaze you. Open in the evening from TUE to SUN. Quick lunches and
à la carte menus from MON. to FRI. Sunday open for lunch and dinner. Closed on Monday
evening and Saturday for lunch.
Via Pegomas, 1, Strada in Casentino AR – Tel. 0575570327 GoogleMaps

Street Saloon – in our opinion, the best Pizza anywhere in Italy. Strange little place but
very good pizza, salads, sandwiches and pasta . Try Tuscan antipasto too – just excellent.
Closed on a Tuesday.
Piazza Piave, 14, Castel San Niccolò AR – Tel. 0575572782 GoogleMaps

La Torricella – is located on top of the hill facing Poppi and offering a
panoramic view of the Conti Guidi castle. The building is a Tuscany farmhouse: stones,
terracotta tiles, wood and wrought iron. The restaurant offers delicious specialties of Tuscan
cuisine, outside tables on balcony and pergola.
Loc. Torricella, 14, Poppi Arezzo – Tel. 0575527045 GoogleMaps

Atlantic Oil – Micro brewery and Local Food in Porrena about 10 minutes away
The place got its name from a previous life – it used to be a car service garage.
Now, they make and serve their own beer – you can see the vats and brewing process on the
floor above. We love their beers here and they are excellent quality. Being ‘real ales’ they
tend to be cloudy – do not let this put you off, they are very good.
In addition to beer they also serve very good wines with ‘house’ at a very fair price.
They have the usual fixed menu with ‘specials’ on the blackboard.
This can get busy and it is essential to book. Closed on Monday.
Via Falterona, 50, Poppi AR Tel 0575550513 GoogleMaps

Locanda dei Baroni – From the Tre Baroni locality towards Camaldoli is the Locanda dei
Baroni where you will find the Baroni family to welcome you and make you taste the flavors of
the true local and Tuscan cuisine. From the experience of our guest -“Try this one if you are
celebrating a special day: this small family-run hotel and restaurant sits on the upper edge of
the pretty village of Moggiona, its terrace looking down over the stunning valley and the
forests of the Casentino National Park. It’s definitely upmarket and quite elegant, complete
with antique furniture and classy table linen. You are greeted with a complimentary glass of
Prosecco and the full wine list is a connoisseur’s delight. The staff speak English and the
menu features some interesting adventures into regional specialities – including a risotto
comprising our much-favoured strawberries and balsamic vinegar! A bit more expensive, but
worth it for a memorable dining experience.”
Via di Camaldoli, 5, Camaldoli AR – Tel. 0575556015 GoogleMaps

Chalet – At a time when everyone boasts Stars, experiences abroad, noble collaborations,
they present themselves simply as Ante and Annalisa: the guys who arrived in Casentino and
more precisely in Raggiolo in 2013 and who, on tiptoe, tried to bring the their cooking
philosophy, who have now arrived at the Chalet, renew the same invitation to everyone as
they did 6 years ago: putting themselves to the test. Interesting. their three menus with
truffles, tuna and porcini mushrooms for € 40. Closed on Monday and lunch only on Sunday.
Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, 4, Bibbiena AR – Tel. 3393644232 GoogleMaps

Ristorante Falterona – Restaurant with contemporary cuisine with selected and refined
dishes, never banal and always innovative. Often you will find delicious and fanciful dishes off
the menu. Excellent value for money. Closed on Monday.
Piazza Bernardo Tanucci, 9, Stia AR – Tel. 0575504058 GoogleMaps