Our gym is located in what it used to be the cellar.

That is why we call it :  The Cellar-Gym .

Instead of a modern electric-blue plastic set you will find old farming tools ad our old Tuscan strawed-bottles ( full of Chianti wine once but now empty though ! )  called  fiasco.

Our Cellar-Gym  has got all sorts of machines ( runner, cross-country, step etc etc ) plus a small but very hi-tech Sauna which can be set on Infra-red or Finnish or Steam-Aroma-Therapy use.

It  is an Austrian Made state-of-the-art Sauna perfect for two-persons.

Regular sauna sessions strengthen the body’s defenses, stimulate the metabolism and relax the muscles. The flavored infusion is a real boon for the health of body and soul.

Saunas are particularly popular in Scandinavian countries and in Russia. But saunas also have a long tradition in Asia and Central Europe. In German-speaking countries, the sauna is used to strengthen the immune system, maintain health and relax. In the Scandinavian countries, saunas are part of the culture and are also important for maintaining social contacts. Business meetings are still often held in the sauna in northern Scandinavia.

The effect of a sauna session is very diverse. Saunas strengthen the immune system and toughness against colds. During the sweating phase, the body temperature is raised to 39 degrees Celsius, which is like an artificial fever and causes pathogens to be destroyed by the elevated temperature.
The interaction of heat in the sauna and cold in the subsequent cold bath can relax the muscles, lower blood pressure, stimulate the circulation and metabolism, which has positive effects on our immune system and our subjective well-being.
Saunas are also used for skin care and slow skin aging. The heat causes the blood vessels to widen, blood flow increases and the surface temperature rises. In the subsequent cooling phase, the blood vessels narrow again, which leads to vascular training. In addition, sweating results in thorough but gentle body cleansing, dry skin flakes dissolve and the activation of the sweat glands improves the moisture balance of the horny layer of particularly dry skin.

The sauna is not recommended for people with inflammation, acute infectious diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Older people should also consult their doctor.

In order to increase the effect and relaxation of a sauna session, natural essential oils are used to promote physical and mental health. We have put together an extensive sauna set for you.

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