Instead of a modern electric-blue plastic set you will find old farming tools ad our old Tuscan strawed-bottles called  fiasco ( full of Chianti wine once but now empty though ! )  . Our gym is located in what it used to be the cellar.  That is why we call it :  The Cellar-Gym .

Our Cellar-Gym  has got all sorts of machines ( runner, cross-country, step etc etc ) plus a small but very hi-tech Sauna which can be set on Infra-red or Finnish or Steam-Aroma-Therapy mode.

It  is an Austrian Made state-of-the-art Sauna perfect for two-persons.

Regular sauna sessions strengthen the body’s defenses, stimulate the metabolism and relax the muscles. The flavored infusion is a real boon for the health of body and soul.

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