Villa has got 3 bedrooms completely detached from each other .

The DeiMori LaMassa offers your party the chance to be all connected to one or two living rooms all within your villa in Tuscany.

So you can enjoy the whole upper floor attached to the pool, driveway and the hot-tub area.
And gym, sauna and washing room are downstairs where the owner/butler/gardener/pool-boy lives.

The Max six people villa can be rented for :
6 people ( the whole premises, the whole private villa with services )
4 people ( the 3rd bedroom can be rented to other 2 guests on a weekly self catering or B&B daily basis )
2 people ( the 2 other bedrooms can be rented as a holiday-home by the week or one or two bedrooms can be rented on self catering or B&B daily basis )

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