The Romanesque Churches

The Romanesque Churches

You will discover a whole territory  on foot, by mountain bike or by horse, you will be the true protagonist of a special experience.

Leaving the villa, from La Massa  you will head through landscape fore shortenings and panoramic views of rare beauty.

It should be remembered that in medieval times there was “the road of the parish churches“, a path that from Arezzo reached the upper Casentino, keeping the right bank of the Arno and touching all the important medieval churches.

The path crosses the Arno at Ponte Buriano.   Then  walking North along the river, you  get the Church of Sietina.   After that the Parish Church of Socana.   Before Poppi it  touches the PieveOfBuiano.  Thereafter the PieveDiSanMartino and continuing towards Florence gets  the Pieve di Montemignaio.

 Short streams  flow down from the southernmost watershed of the Pratomagno.  Cross the territory, which is quite steep over the main village, but it softens soon after.

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