In Casentino

Meow! I was dreaming of a bench where I could relax and lay down

Meow! It should have been a warm place – lets say during Spring time when everything is green and fresh with some yellow blossoms around .

Meow! It has to be Tuscany of course – Meow! Nothing better than Casentino Valley

Meow! Here I am : I have made a booking at DeiMori LaMassa . It is beautiful private villa up on the hill-side in Tuscany . There is even a covered and heated swimming-pool with comfy sun chairs and a good smell of fresh flowers. Lots of birds around singing – nothing like in the noisy city where everyone got annoyed .

Meow! Now I miss a friend ! Would you like to come join me ? Then do write to me or book directly . Come to Casentino Valley with me : I do need to be cuddled –

Oh! I forgot to introduce myself – My name is Pippo

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