In Tuscany there is a unique path that strays over Emilia-Romagna and that draws a ring circuit. The peculiarity of this route is that you walk on ancient mule tracks and paths, completely avoiding paved roads.

Are you ready to enter a world of travelers and pilgrims where it seems to be in The name of the rose?

On the San Vicinio Path you will hear neither noise nor cars, but only the singing of birds and the rustling of leaves on the wind.

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Where is San Vicinio path?

You walk on the road system of the ancient Province Alpes Apenninae, which connected the regions of northern Europe with Rome. There are 14 municipalities in the provinces of Arezzo, Rimini and Forlì-Cesena. It starts from Sarsina, to whose first bishop, San Vicinio, the path is dedicated. Cross the territories of the Casentino Valley and its forests dotted with castles and monasteries. The most important of which is La Verna, founded by St. Francis from Assisi.

The stages of San Vicinio path

The Cammino di San Vicinio is divided into 14 stages covering almost 320 kilometers on foot, on marked trails, starting from Sarsina. The main stages are Sarsina, Camaldoli, La Verna, Cesena and Sarsina. Below you will find all the steps in detail:

Stage Stretch Km
1 Sarsina – Bagno Di Romagna 37,6 km
2 Bagno Di Romagna – Camaldoli  20,2
3 Camaldoli – Badia Prataglia 12,1
4 Badia Prataglia – La Verna  12,1
5 La Verna – Verghereto  17,3
6 Verghereto – Balze 13,1
7 Balze – Sant’agata Feltria 22,7
8 Sant’agata Feltria – Pietra Dell’uso 23,1
9 Pietra Dell’uso – Sogliano Al Rubicone 9
10 Sogliano Al Rubicone – Borghi  21,9
11 Borghi – Sorrivoli 17,3
12 Sorrivoli – Cesena 19
13 Cesena – Ciola 26,1
14 Ciola – Sarsina 13,1

Cosa vedere lungo il cammino di San Vicinio

Il cammino di San Vicinio passa per monasteri e santuari ed altre più piccole testimonianze della religiosità coltivata nel corso dei millenni in quelle strade. La Madonna del Monte e il bellisismo monastero di La Verna e quello di Camaldoli. E poi ci sono il santuario della “Madonna degli Occhi” a Pondo di Santa Sofia, il santuario di Sant’Ellero a Galeta, quello di Sant’Alberico, oppure l’abbazia camaldolese di Bagno di Romagna, nota per l’immagine della “Madonna del Sangue” e del crocifisso ligneo del “Perdono”.

Il cammino è completamente segnalato e si può percorrere a piedi, in bicicletta e a cavallo. Il cammino è segnato con la catena di San Vicinio, icona del santo. Qui trovate altre informazioni utili

In Casentino

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Nella Montagna Fiorentina

A Castel San Niccoló
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Be a traveler not a tourist

You’ve done Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and all the famous splendors of Tuscany. Or you simply like to take the road less traveled. Then read on for suggestions on exploring the wonderful region of Tuscany beyond the usual itineraries and destinations.

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Casentino is the valley below Mount Falterona, between Emilia and Tuscany, along the course of the river Arno. Inhabited since Paleolithic times, it belonged to the Etruscans and the Conti Guidi who built several castles, from which they dominated the area in the Medio-Evo . Unlike Chianti and its rolling, soothing, picture-perfect hills, Casentino is fresh and green; it’s a secluded valley where locals have been living isolated through the centuries. This is reflected for example in a pure fully colored Italian or in the robust yet simple cuisine, based on wheat and cornmeal flour, olive oil, pasta and pecorino, leek, onions, farro and barley.

Don’t miss

- Bibbiena and its Museo Archeologico, beautiful Romanesque churches and cosy medio-evo-feel village;
- Poppi, an ancient town in a strategic position whose importance grew during the Medio-evo
when after the Campaldino battle it became the headquarter of Florence governor. Visit the Castello dei Conti Guidi, which overlooks the whole valley, and the beautiful walled village.
- Strada in Casentino , an ancient hamlet ideal for a climb up to the Castello San Niccolo. Not to be missed the beatiful inner square with the loggia for the covered village market.

- Stia and its unique square with central fountain and lateral shops under the arches.Inside the town of Stia, whose origins date back to the Roman age, we can admire the Porciano Castle, the Church of St. Mary delle Grazie and the Florentine Palagio
- Casentino Forests National Park -  At the heart of one of Europe’s largest woodsy areas  Parco naturale delle foreste casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna  One of the largest forested areas in Europe, the Casentinesi Forest National Park is located between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna and it has a surface area that extends from Monte Falterona to the Mandrioli Pass. On foot, on horseback or by bike, visitors can enjoy an excursion network that stretches for over 650 kilometers.

Pavlova La Massa


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  • Tiniest pinch of salt
  • 225 grams of castor sugar – I often use regular and grind it down.
  • 2 level teaspoons of cornflour
  • 1 teaspoon of vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of cold water.
  • Mascarpone / yoghurt / sugar mix or whipped cream
  • Fruit as appropriate – mixed berries are probably the nicest.


  • Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees centigrade.
  • Whip the egg whites until really stiff, add sugar 25% at a time beating in between.
  • Add cornflour, water and vinegar.
  • Mark a circle in pencil on a piece of baking parchment – I draw round a 23 centimetre plate.
  • Pile the egg mix into the centre and organise into a fairly regular cylinder – no need to be over fussy.
  • Put in oven for one hour.
  • Take out of oven and put the cylinder ‘upside down’ on a flat plate.
  • Leave it to cool, the centre will subside making a nest shape – the thing will crack but do not worry.
  • When cold let your imagination deal with the decoration.